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Who is Bryan Rossnagel?


Bryan Rossnagel is the Founder, Owner and CEO of Sentry Air Systems, Inc. (SAS), a designer and manufacturer of high quality air purification devices. As CEO, he manages all aspects of the daily operations of the company while steering the development of new production and profitable new directions. 

He started the company over thirty years ago after successfully researching and building prototypes for air purifiers in his garage. Since then, the company has grown to manufacture purifiers for a variety of purposes, including welding, soldering, laboratory and pharmaceutical operations. Their line of air purification systems offers tested models for floor, bench top, mounted and portable settings, each providing a quiet, compact, durable and eco-friendly solutions to fume control and extraction to prevent exposure to hazardous substances.

In 2015, Bryan decided to move Sentry Air Systems headquarters to northwest Houston, Texas. the 44,000 square foot state of the art facility symbolizes not just the success of the company, but the continued growth and expansion it will have in the future. Bryan continues to look forward to what lies ahead while providing his customers with the best customer service and superior air filtration products.

Career Background

Before founding Sentry Air Systems in 1983, Bryan had been working in the air freight business. As someone with a real passion for the outdoors and the environment, he sought to build a career while also fulfilling the responsibility to leave the world we live in a better place. In looking through job listings, he saw an opening in an air pollution control system sales. Though he had no background in sales, he got the job and learned how to sell on the job.

Bryan stayed in the business for several years. Yet, as he saw the business stagnating, he felt a strong desire to be in business for himself and started his own air purification device company around the same time that his daughter was born. In addition to being a father for the first time, Bryan and his family had to fight through the Houston depression at the same time he was trying to develop the best air purification product for the lowest price possible. 

Founding Sentry Air Systems, Inc.

Eventually, Bryan completed a prototype that he was satisfied with and had it patented. He was nervous showing it to his first potential customer, but was validated when the customer agreed to purchase five units. As he sold more units and the internet became more widespread, Bryan built a crude website, helping to generate even more sales and grow the company. Now with over thirty-five employees, Sentry Air Systems continues to grow and manufacture high quality fume extractors here in the United States, all while adhering to strongest quality control measures.

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