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Today, solar power energy is now being taken as one of the world’s most alternative energy resource. While many people are still unaware of the power that solar energy can have for our cities, our homes, and our lives, it is absolutely vital that we continue our research each and every day. This type of investment will help point us in the right direction in optimizing solar power energy to its full potential.

Now, the first step in understanding solar energy is to of course clarify any misinterpretations the general public may have about this renewable resource. Instead of generalizing or assuming any false pretenses, let me debunk some of the myths about solar energy.

Myth: Solar panels are incredibly expensive.

To start off, many people believe that the solar panel’s overall system is incredibly costly. While the initial stages are a bit pricey, you have to first understand the various factors that impact this cost. First and foremost, a solar power system is a one-time investment. The power and energy you will be able to attain can outweigh this initial cost. In addition, the monetary cost itself will vary depending on the overall size and use of the package. Lastly, because of the advancement of solar panels, the price of solar systems continues to decrease while the efficiency of the product continues to increase. This type of technological trend is beneficial, especially for the sustainably-minded customer.

Myth: Solar panels only work with sunlight.

Ultra Violet rays are the main input that solar panels need to generate power. Because of this, solar panels work best during daylight hours. When the sun is shining directly onto them, sunlight can be converted into electricity, which can then be utilized for everyday household items. While solar power panels may not work as efficiently during the nighttime, they still conserve energy utilizing a utility grid or battery bank. The utility grid can be used simultaneously with solar power panels where the battery bank can convert solar energy into electricity throughout the day to be stored for later use. This conventional energy source can be utilized as an emergency resource for any given situation.

Myth: Solar panels do not require any maintenance.

Like anything you buy, there will always be some type of work attached to the initial purchase. Think about the example of buying a brand new car. Although the model may be new, the car will not run the same year after year. Similar to the maintenance you do for your other purchases, solar energy panels do require a bit of work. It is suggested that residents hose them off at least once a year. In addition, if there are any damages to the panels, from extreme weather, like high winds, purchasers should make sure they are repaired to their full capacity. With the advancement of the product, many of the newer models come with sensor applications that track any loss of productivity for every panel. This type of monitoring system will help you update and maintain your system in the best possible way.

Myth: All solar panels are the same. So just pick the cheapest package.

In the business sector, there will always be various competitors trying to reach the majority of the market. Because of this, it would be to your best interest to do your research on the quality and service of each company provides for their solar panels. Try finding those companies that provide guarantees for 25 years or more. That type of reassurance and commitment provides a sense of trustworthiness in the product and service they are looking to sell to their customers.