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In today’s technological modern age, various devices have begun impacting our lives on a daily basis. These advanced applications have transformed our everyday practices to practical and purposeful task with a simple click of a button. Similar to the technology trend, green technology has also made great strides in making our world a brighter tomorrow.

By definition, green technologies are methods or devices whose uses are intended to mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment. Their goals are simple. They want to create devices and applications that are innovative, sustainable, and applicable to the public and to the environment. Their purpose and functionality is to meet the demands of our society without damaging or depleting natural resources. Furthermore, their expectations are to change the status quo by providing alternative resources that would otherwise be potentially damaging and dangerous to the public and the environment if the technology were not assimilated in their society.

Over the years, innovators in the field were able to make great strides by creating renewable energy such as electricity, heat, and fuel from a variety of methods. These methods consist of wind energy, geothermal energy, ocean energy, hydropower, biomass, and solar power. While these methods have become the marketing points for green technology, green technology is so much more. The advancement and ever-growing change within technology has now changed the way we view green technology for our everyday lives. It has not longer just about solar panels, wind turbines, and alternative fuel resources. Rather, it is about innovative and impactful tools that can truly transform our world for the better. Below, you will find three innovative applications that are already making an impact on today’s society. The question we have to ask ourselves is, what will be next?

3-D Printing

The idea and concept for 3-D printing has been around for years, but its application and efficiency has now made it a game-changer in the field of green technology. Imagine the idea of a device that can print out an entire build from dirt and rocks. Sounds a bit unbelievable right? With 3-D printing, especially various prototypes such as the D-Shape printer, these devices are able to create buildings and other useful devices from stones. The printing process starts with a thin layer of sand, which is then sprayed with magnesium-based glue to bind the overall product. The product is then built layer by layer until it is completed. For green technology, this type of device is a huge leap in reducing fuel and natural resources.

Tesla Motors

With various car brands dominating the industry, it was hard to believe that an electric car could compete with the luxury and standard every driver has for their automobile. This was believed to be true until Tesla Motors were able to make its impact back in 2002 and flip the page with brilliantly innovative and environmentally friendly cars. The American automotive and energy storage company designs, produces, and sells electric cars. Their automobiles run on a lithium-ion battery (aka electricity). While there can be some debate about its energy resource, Tesla has made great strides in creating a far cleaner zero-emission. Continuing its mission, Tesla is constantly trying to improve not just with its environmental mission, but also with its innovative technological ideas.

The PowerLeap

Back in 2007, this invention uses kinetic energy to channel it into electricity. The magic behind how it works is in its advanced circuitry design, which converts footsteps into power. The PowerLeap’s playful and lively concept is something fun for people of all ages. While it has not yet made a huge impact on today’s modern world, this invention is something that could have a large amount of potential for everyday uses.