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Whenever we think of chocolate, we always associate Mars as one of the leading pioneers within the global manufacturing food product industry. With such world-renowned brands like Snickers, M&Ms, and Twix, it is hard not to associate these positive compliments to this global manufacturer. But beyond the sweets, what really makes this organization so great is their five core principles: Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency, and Freedom. But with their new partnership with energy company Eneco UK, Mars (UK) operations should now add ‘Global Leaders” to that list.

Just last week, Mars (UK) announced that they had signed a deal with Eneco UK, a renewable and sustainable energy supplier, to power its Mars Bars, Whiskas Cat Food, Extra Gum, and Uncle Ben’s Rice productions in the United Kingdom through Moy Wind Farm. Just located south of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands, twenty turbine wind panels will be generating the equivalent electricity necessary to power all twelve of Mars (UK) sites. To dive in deeper, the Moy Wind Farm is expected to generate 125,000 megawatt-hours of clean electricity a year. That is essentially enough to power 34,000 average UK households.

“As a fourth generation business, we’re committed to ensuring our business and the communities in which we work are healthy and vibrant for generations to come,” Mars said in a statement. “We achieved our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our operations by 25% in 2015, and continue to work towards eliminating them entirely.”

With so much awareness of green and renewable energy, it is great to see a strong corporation take the responsibilities of their communities in their hands and act as a representative for a better future. Especially within the past decade, the general public’s attitude towards issues regarding global warming and renewable energy has only grown year after year. With such strong encouragement by various governmental and nonprofit comparing’s, it is not a surprise to see bigger corporations take the reigns for a strong, viable, and greener solution.

With that being said, operating 100% renewably is no small feat. With the world already clinging to the antiquated standards, progressive moves like Mars is but one of the many dominos that will continue to fall in pushing renewable electricity in a more global manner. For now, I congratulate Mars on their huge success and hope to seem more of this change within the near future.

This pushes Mars one step closer towards its goal of decreasing its dependency on fossil fuels and “reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.”