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It is common in this day and age to hear the expression “going green”. Everyone from individuals to big companies is working to protect our environment. And why not? The Earth is our home and it is important to preserve it. Of course we’ve all heard of recycling and conserving water, but there are also a good deal of unique ways to save the environment. There are some truly incredible DIY projects that were created to preserve our Earth. And there are some simple changes that you can make, too. If you want to find some unique ways to go green, you’ll definitely want to see these tips and take a couple of them on yourself.

1. Create a compost bin

If you love the environment, there’s a chance you may also spend some of your free time gardening. And every lover of gardening should have a compost bin as a way to help the environment thrive. If you want to keep the garden organic and safe, the best option is to make your compost bin out of a lumber such as redwood or cedar. These two types of wood are rot-resistant, and therefore the most practical choices. You can compost everything from kitchen waste to weeds that you pulled from the garden. It is a good idea to make a triple compost bin, so that you can compost in stages.

2. Use power strips in your house

While a great way to save energy is to turn more electrical things off in your house, you would be surprised to find out how many appliances still use energy when they are turned off. It is actually the majority of home appliances that do this. However, if you plug multiple cords into one power strip, your worries will come to an end. If many appliances are plugged into the same power strip, then you can turn all of the appliances off completely by simply flipping the power switch on your power strip.

3. Add insulation around the ductwork in your house

When it’s cold outside, one of the biggest expenses is the heating. With the thermostat constantly on to keep you warm, you are not only spending a ton of money, but also using up a lot of energy. To reduce the amount of energy you are using up, you can add insulation around the ductwork in your house. It is surprisingly simple and inexpensive, and in the long run it will save you a bundle of money while also saving the planet. And wouldn’t it be nice to be warm without having to crank up the thermostat?

From big DIY projects to simple changes in the way we use energy, there are a number of ways that we can work to save the environment. Follow the tips above and you’re sure to get yourself started on a green lifestyle!